Hitecsa's Chillers for the wine sector.

Hitecsa - Hitecsa's Chillers for the wine sector.

¿Did you know that the KRONO2 chillers by Hitecsa Cool Air are the ideal solution for the wine sector?

Hitecsa Cool Air is the company chosen to provide climate control to three important Spanish wine cellars.

On the one hand, the Pradorey Wine Cellars of Burgos have opted for a KRONO2 HE 38.2. On the other hand, the Ribera del Duraton Wine Cellars of Segovia have installed a MINI KRONO2 1501. And finally, the Tierras de Peñafiel Wine Cellars of Valladolid have selected a MINI KRONO2 1001.

Hitecsa's KRONO2 chillers are air-cooled compact units, specially designed to be installed outdoors, with scroll compressors and axial fans. They offer great installation and operation versatility and can be adapted to each specific project.  

High energy efficiencies complying with the Ecodesign Directive, minimum electric consumptions, maximum comfort thanks to the possibility of working with more moderate temperatures, adjustable according to the outside temperature.  

From air-conditioning equipment for offices or a shops, to climate control systems for hotels, hospitals or schools, or specific hvac solutions for factories or commercial centres: our team of experts and engineers  can offer you a personalised service ot technical advice and support. 

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