Hitecsa provides climate control to Coty's facililies

Hitecsa - Hitecsa provides climate control to Coty's facililies

Hitecsa Cool Air is the brand chosen by Coty, an important cosmetics and fragrances industry, to provide climate control to its facilities located in Barcelona's province. 

Hitecsa's equipment selected for this project are 4 Roof Top units, model RXCBA 6002 RCF.  The RXCA/RXCBA RFC series are autonomous compact air-air Roof Top units with heat recovery and thermal freecooling as standard, specially designed to be installed on rooftops, roof terraces or in any other outdoor location with treated air distributed via ducts.  

With cooling capacities from 162 to 192 kW, they are equipped with scroll compressors, specially designed for heat pump applications, allowing very wide operational limits. Their galvanised steel plate cabinet offers high resistance to corrosion and optimum protection from inclement weather. These units are equipped with axial fans in the external section, prepared for outdoor installation, and centrifugal fans in the internal section of very low noise level. 

Hitecsa's Roof Top units are the ideal solution for the industrial sector, because they are specially indicated for big surfaces with air ducts installations. Besides, the heat recovery allows to increase both the power and the nominal and seasonal performance of the unit.  

With its headquarters in Barcelona, Coty Spain has production sites in Granollers and Sant Feliu de Llobregat. The company produces and markets important cosmetic and perfume brands such as Calvin Klein, Chloé, Davidoff, Marc Jacobs, Opi or Rimmel, among others. 

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