Hitecsa launches its BIM catalogue for KRONO 2 and KUBIC

Hitecsa - Hitecsa launches its BIM catalogue for KRONO 2 and KUBIC

Hitecsa, with 35 years' experience designing and manufacturing medium and high-powered air-conditioning equipment, is an international benchmark in terms of high energy efficiency, environment-friendliness and sustainability. 

With a view to strengthen its commitment to these principles and always offer its clients the best service, Hitecsa has created its BIM catalogue for its KRONO 2 chillers and its KUBIC air-air roof top units, which is already available in our website. 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a work methodology to manage building projects through a digital mock-up. The virtual model generated contains all the information related to the building throughout its life-cycle. 

In Hitecsa, we know that energy efficiency is an important element to be considered from the early stages of the project and that the use of BIM can ensure these principles of sustainability and efficiency. 

Aware of the impact of this innovating tool, from Hitecsa we continue evolving in order to keep pace with the state-of-the-art technology. With our BIM catalogue, we have created a wide library of intelligent objects that are virtually reproducing our HVAC equipment and that our clients can directly include in their building projects using this technology.  

You can access our BIM catalogue in:

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