Hitecsa and Adisa HVAC systems in the Bekhradi

Hitecsa - Hitecsa and Adisa HVAC systems in the Bekhradi

Hitecsa Cool Air and Adisa Heating Series, together with their official distributor in Iran, Mana Tahviyeh Co.,  supplied their HVAC solutions to Bekhradi's Historical House in Isfahan.

The equipment selected for this international project have been 3 condensing gas boilers ADI CD 105, 2 KRONO2 chillers model 2401.2 and Fan Coil units FCW.

Adisa's ADI CD boilers were chosen to provide heating and DHW service for their great power outputs and their very compact dimensions and reduced weights. They comply with the energy efficiency rates as set forth by the European Ecodesign Directive (ErP Ready).

Hitecsa's KRONO 2 series are air-cooled water chillers of high energy efficiency, with axial fans and scroll compressors. Compacts and robusts, they are specially designed to be installed outdoors, in terraces or on the floor. Their multiple acoustic configurations and the option of incorporating the hydraulic kit offer great installation and operating versatility, thus adapting to each specific project.

The Bekhradi's Historical House is the first and only Safavid historical house (17th century) that has been restored and used in Iran as a traditional residence since 2005.

It has been renovated and modified for those who are looking for the comfort of a hotel, along with the privacy and convenience of a home, and a memorable stay in a museum-like historical house.

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