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air-wather ADVANCE


Reversible monobloc water chillers and heat pumps with air condensation and axial fans. Series with scroll-type hermetic compressors DC Inverter and refrigerant gas R410A.


• Cooling capacities: 16.2 to 27 kW
• Heating capacities: 17.7 to 28.5 kW
• Compressor: hermetic rotary scroll-type Inverter, thermal protection and crankcase heater
• Water Side Exchanger: thermally insulated stainless steel plates , with anti-frost resistance and differential pressure switch for water flow
• Air-side heat exchanger: finned coil with copper tubes and aluminium fins with water-repellent treatment, with protection grilles
• Fan: axial-type fans with external rotor and internal thermal protection, protection grilles and proportional electronic device for continuous regulation of the fan rotation speed (condensation control)
• Control: microprocessed electronics with Adaptive Function Plus logic
• Structure: made of galvanised and painted sheet steel, with a condensation collection tray and anti-frost resistance at the base o the unit
In addition, the unit includes:
• Interior air temperature probe
• Electronic expansion valve
• High and low pressure display for the refrigeration circuit
• Master/Slave management of up to 4 units in parallel
• Clock card