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air-wather ADVANCE


Monobloc water chillers with air condensation and axial fans. Series with semi-hermetic Vi-screw compressors (Inverter speed) variable, Inverter regulation and refrigerant gas R134a.


• Cooling capacities: 510 to 1,001.5 kW
• Compressor: semi-hermetic high energy-efficient screw with intrinsic compression ratio control. Vi (Inverter speed) variable, limited start, rotation regulation by inverter, with integral protection, crankcase heater, oil level sensor and stopcock in the refrigerant gas impulsion pipe
• Water side exchanger: shell & tubes and dry-expansion; with countercurrent heat exchange; includes closed cell expanded polyurethane rubber insulation, water flow differential pressure switch and Victaulic connections
• Air side exchanger: with microchannels
• Fan: axial type electric fans with external rotor and internal thermal protection, protection grilles and proportional electronic device for continuous regulation of the fan rotation speed
• Control: electronic microprocessor
• Structure: galvanised and powder-coated sheet steel polyester
In addition, the unit includes:
• High and low pressure display refrigeration circuit
• Electronic expansion valve
• Clock card
• Master/Slave management of up to 4 units in parallel

• EQSAI: high-efficiency unit prepared for cooling only
• EQSAISS: super-silenced unit intended for cooling only