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Air-cooled type

EKWXBA - EKWXA Small Power

Compact chillers designed to be installed outdoor, either on terraces or on the ground.

Caracteristicas Técnicas

• Cooling capacities ranging from 21 to 38.7 kW
• Heating capacities ranging from 25 to 40.3 kW
• R-410A refrigerant
• EER: up to 2.85
• COP: up to 3.04
• Scroll-type compressor for the whole range
• Option for integrated hydraulic kit
• A single cooling circuit with a scroll compressor
• Cooling condensation control and evaporation control in the heat pump by means of a two-speed fan
• Compatible with the Hydrofan system (option)
• Alarm indication signal
• Remote run/stop
• Second set point.