quality certificates


    Our aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction regarding product quality and service, delivery times, reliability and respect of the environment.

  • * ISO

    Rigorous production process control has awarded us the ISO 9001 certificate guaranteeing the quality of each unit.

  • * R & D

    At our installations there is a laboratory, with a computer-controlled enthalpy double chamber, as well as an electrical testing laboratory.

  • * environmentally friendly

    Our team of engineers is working on projects, both in the development of inverter technology and the gas rate R407C to R410A , which is a lot less aggressive to the Ozone layer, as required by European Union standards. The Hidrofive system has a bright future ahead with the current safety concerns and ecological disorders. The fact that having a product that is linked to water instead of transporting gases, is a valid alternative to variable volume systems.